Let's learn about BDIX Connectivity Hosting Services

The short name of Bangladesh Internet Exchange is BDIX. It is basically an internet exchange which is limited to Bangladesh. Since 2004 BDIX has been working on infrastructure development. BDIX is connected to almost every internet service provider in the country. BDIX currently has an average total traffic of 75 GB. With the development of BDIX's infrastructure, this number of traffic will increase further.

A number of standard level data centers have been set up in the country centered on BDIX, which is really commendable. BDIX connectivity hosting service is becoming more popular day by day. If the visitor target of your website is Bangladesh. Then use BDIX Connectivity Hosting Service.

Use BDIX Connectivity Server if at least 80% of visitors are from Bangladesh. The other 20% of visitors are from other countries, which is not a problem. Because BDIX connectivity is added to each server with international connectivity.

Suppose a server is provided with a 1 Gbps BDIX bandwidth port and a 100 Mbps international bandwidth port. This bandwidth port may vary from company to company. Please note this before you start hosting services.

After hosting your website on BDIX Connectivity Server, when someone visits from Bangladesh, the visitor will be able to browse the website faster. Because ping and latency will be much less for Bangladeshi visitors. Also do not have to cross the international routing. Hopefully, this information will come in handy. I am finishing the article here, you will all be well and healthy.

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