Learn System Design in Software Engineering

What's the system?

There are many problems in our education or medicine. I often say that there is something wrong with the system. This means that there is something wrong with the subject matter. So system is a subject matter. Similarly, any system in software engineering is a subject matter of software engineering. Simply put, a software application is a system.

What is system design in software engineering?
System design is a method where the components of the system such as architecture, modules, components, interfaces, data, etc. are beautifully designed to get the best results from the system.

Key elements of system design.

1. Architecture: It reveals the structure of a system or application, the design of the behavior and the primary view.

2. Modules: Different functions of a software or system are considered as modules. A system has many, many modules.

3. Component: A component is one or more functions and function groups. Modules are made up of components, that is, different functions of a system are performed.

4. Interface: External interface of a system. Where there is user interactivity. That is, the user uses the system.

5. Data: This is one of the elements of system design where data management is done according to the purpose of the system.

When a system is designed, it is designed with many factors in mind. Here are some important facts about system design:

1. Time
2. Cost
3. Efficiency
4. User experience
5. Maintainability
. Scalability
. Reliability
. Ability etc.

Just as you have to design a system keeping in mind the facts, there are some important steps to follow in system design. Writing will get bigger so I didn't write.

What is the purpose of system design?
Appropriate for the purpose or purpose for which a system or application is developed and get the best results from that system.

How to master system design?
System design means the whole subject of a system or application. Here are some things you can grasp or understand if you study or practice. Again some things you will learn from your long experience. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

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