What makes a good company develop software?

How does a good company develop software?

There was a time when I was learning new code and doing small projects, I thought that writing code is everything, but now I see the opposite.

I see the importance of code in the life cycle of a software is 20% or more, but the biggest task is to design a system. In system design it is actually another huge world, everyone has to think about modules or microservices. How to interact with a module will improve performance and reduce user annoyance.

First of all we have to choose any methodology and it is done based on the client's requirement or application. There could also be many more reasons.

Then there are databases, which can be used to reduce data relationships or data dependencies by thinking about how many ways to think after studying a lot during design. Because the more I can reduce the relationship or data dependency, the better for the performance of the application (although the need often increases the data relationship or data dependency, it depends on the need, but I always try to keep the relationship or dependency low).

Then comes the data caching mechanism, the caching mechanism stores our data in RAM for a certain period of time then checks on every request if the data is stored in RAM then sends the data in response from there and if not sent from the database. This requires more study of the whole system as to when to cache data and when to delete data from cache and re-submit to cache. It can be monolithic or microservices for any type of application.

Then comes Queue Mechanism, Queue Mechanism. When millions of requests are read together in one application or microservices, then our application or microservices cannot manage so many requests together or it is time dependent. So keeping the user waiting for so long is definitely not a good thing. And to solve this problem we use the Queue mechanism. First the requests are submitted to the Queue and then the response is sent to the user, then the work is done one by one from the Queue. In this way the performance of the application or microservices is multiplied. While designing these, it takes a lot of study to know which requests I will manage through Queue and which ones I will manage without Queue Queue and many more.

In addition to these there are many more system design and architect steps so all the design and documentation is done in code. And then our application is High Performance and Better Scalable. And this is how the best industry develops software.

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