which programming language is useful for project

Which programming language is useful and what can be done with which?

The importance of programming languages ​​is immense in today's technology era. Programming languages ​​are used in every field of games, internet, software, mobile, robotics and computers.

What can be done with any programming language??

HTML: One of the programming languages ​​is HTML, it is not a programming language at all, it is a markup language, no matter what kind of programming language you use, you must use this markup language.

CSS: This is the style sheet language used to describe how documents written in markup languages ​​such as HTML should be presented. So it is also useful in all kinds of programming languages.

PHP: PHP (PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server side scripting language mainly used for web development. The purpose of this programming language is to quickly create web pages dynamically.

Javascript: It is a high level programming language. Initially it was used for website interactivity and functionality but now you can do both web design and web development with this one language.

What can be done with Javascript?

You can create server side website using Node Js

Create cross platform Android/iPhone apps using React framework

With Election you can make crossplot form software for computer.

JavaScript language is mainly used for creating websites and mobile apps.

Python: It is a very popular programming language nowadays. One of the reasons for this is that Python's syntax is much shorter than other programming languages. So very fast coding can be done through Python

What can be done with Python?

You can do data science with Python.

You can do machine learning with Python

You can make games with Python

You can also create websites with Python

Python is mainly used for data science and machine learning related work.

Java: It is an object oriented programming language. It is mainly used for apps development and mobile operating system. 90% of Android apps are made with Java.

What can be done with Java?

Application servers can be created using Java

It can be used to create desktop applications

Enterprise applications can be made with it

Used in mobile operating systems

This programming language is used to create very high quality apps

C++: This is also a very high level language. This is useful for large computer applications and operating systems. This language is used to create Microsoft's operating system.

What can be done with C++?

Operating system can be made with it

Database is created

Graphics software is developed

Create a browser

The C++ language is mainly used to create desktop operating systems.

SWIFT: It is very popular language for iPhone apps and development. If you want to do iPhone apps development then you need to know this programming language.

Swift is the language used to create all types of iPhone apps

There are also many programming languages ​​but basically these are the most popular and each language is very powerful for a specific task.



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