International mother language day with our avro keyboard

21 February and Avro as like the same filling as a programmer. Every language same as a programing language for any developer. 

International Mother Language Day is a worldwide annual observance held on 21 February to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism.

First announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999 it was formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly with the adoption of UN resolution 56/262 in 2002. Mother Language Day is part of a broader initiative "to promote the preservation and protection of all languages used by peoples of the world" as adopted by the UN General Assembly on 16 May 2007 in UN resolution 61/266,[3] which also established 2008 as the International Year of Languages.

The idea to celebrate International Mother Language Day was the initiative of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, 21 February is the anniversary of the day when the people of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) fought for recognition for the Bangla source: wiki (link)

Father of Avro 

Mehdi Hasan Khan (Bengali: মেহেদী হাসান খান) is a Bangladeshi physician and software developer. He is known for inventing the free and open-source Bengali keyboard Avro in 2003.

  Feature of Avro 


Type anywhere:

Avro Keyboard works as a system-level keyboard interface. You can type Bangla anywhere with all typing methods (English to Bangla phonetic typing, keyboard layout based typing, mouse-based typing) supported by Avro Keyboard.

Flexible Interface:

Avro Keyboard offers a much more flexible user interface for even novice computer users. It is much better than Windows Input Locale as there is not necessary to edit your system language from the control panel. Users can use Avro Keyboard and any other keyboard in any language defined in the control panel simultaneously. It is possible to use Hindi, US English, UK English, Japanese, French, etc. any language as system language, and Avro Keyboard to use Bangla/Bengali. When Avro Keyboard is in "System Default" mode, users can use their system language, when in "Bangla Keyboard" mode, no matter which language is active in the system, only Bangla typing is possible.

Two User Interface Modes:

Most Bangla typing software offers only a system tray-based keyboard interface for users. Here Avro Keyboard has two different and fully functional interfaces - Top Bar on Desktop, Icon on the system tray. Users are at liberty to use any mode which suits their best. Even more, the Top Bar can appear as semi-transparent when inactive so that you can see behind it!

Customizable Mode Switching (Single key/Key combination):

You can use "Single Key Mode Switching" by using any one key from F1 to F12 to switch between Bangla keyboard mode and System Keyboard mode. There is also a Ctrl+Spcae key combination option. Use what you like.

Automatic Keyboard mode Tracking:

Just like Windows keyboard management, Avro Keyboard can track the keyboard modes (System Default / Bangla) among all applications.

Layout Viewer:

This is a must-have feature for any virtual keyboard interface like Avro keyboard. But all including Microsoft seem to overlook it. With this handy tool, users can see the actual image of the current keyboard layout anytime they need. Now there is no need to print or draw a keyboard layout and attach it to your computer table. This keyboard layout viewer is totally flexible, you can use Zoom-in and Zoom-out for better viewing purposes. Even more, this Layout Viewer can be configured to come up automatically in Bangla mode and disappear again in System Keyboard mode, nice choice when you are learning a new keyboard layout!

if you want to use Avro Download Avro

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