Web development learning shortcut road map

6 months web development learning shortcut road map 

This post is just for those of us who want to learn website development in 6 months!

Week 1: Start with html. Weld all the tags of html and see what the differences are between html4 and html 5.

Css will start from 2nd week it will seem a little complicated, no matter start learning css 1 next 3 weeks just use 2 projects with css and flex properties and do a total of 3 more projects.

The end of the first month is yours! So in this 1 month we have finished html, css, now let's learn the next step CSS framework! Learn the easiest and friendliest bootstrap ever

2 months: The first 3 weeks you start design with bootstrap, it should be with responsive design. Do 5 projects with html, css, bootstrap that you have learned like this. Start JavaScript last week means just finish the basics of JavaScript in the last week of the 2nd month.

3rd month: start What to do now: You must finish JavaScript Basic and start DOM manipulation. How to make the site more attractive with DOM Manipulation Do at least 10+ projects in this way.

Month 4: Learning JQuery in the first week and projecting by adding 4 animations in 2 weeks. Finish php basic in next 3 weeks and learn mysql database in 4 weeks with CRUD operation. Month 5: Week 1: Troubleshoot how to create frontend info by creating admin panel and learn how to do it with multiple user authentication. Even if it costs a little, you have to learn.

2 + 3 + 4 weeks together: Minimal blogging website with 2 inventory management projects! Month 7: First 12 days: Study with Ajax and do basic CRUD operation with dependable dropdown. Next 3 days: Learn OOP.

Next 15 days: Follow Model Controller, view or MVC pattern to start laravel framework. Learn at least 2 projects with CRUD operation. ............

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