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Mississippi man accused of destroying statue of pagan idol at Iowa state Capitol takes plea deal

A Mississippi man accused of destroying a statue of a pagan idol at Iowa’s state Capitol last December has pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in return for prosecutors dropping a felony hate crime count

Read More 25 May 2024 | 3:50 am

US Defense Secretary Austin expected to meet with Chinese counterpart in Singapore

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is expected to meet with his Chinese counterpart Admiral Dong Jun at a major defense conference in Singapore next week

Read More 25 May 2024 | 3:02 am

UAW files objection to Mercedes vote, accuses company of intimidating workers

The United Auto Workers on Friday accused Mercedes of interfering in last week's union election at two Alabama factories

Read More 25 May 2024 | 2:46 am

Trump holds a rally in the South Bronx as he tries to woo his hometown

Ex-President Donald Trump has campaigned in one of the most Democratic counties in the nation, holding a rally in the South Bronx

Read More 25 May 2024 | 1:42 am

UCLA police arrest young man for alleged felony assault in attack on pro-Palestinian encampment

An 18-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly taking part in a violent attack on a pro-Palestinian encampment at the University of California, Los Angeles, last month

Read More 25 May 2024 | 1:34 am

American is flying home after getting suspended sentence for ammo possession in Turks and Caicos

An American arrested in the Caribbean for illegally carrying ammunition is returning to the United States after receiving a suspended sentence of one year and a fine of several thousand dollars

Read More 25 May 2024 | 1:34 am

VP Harris announces plans to help give 80% of Africa access to the internet by 2030

Vice President Kamala Harris has announced the formation of a new partnership to help provide internet access to 80% of Africa by 2030, up from 40% now

Read More 25 May 2024 | 12:38 am

American soldier arrested in Russia over an alleged theft will remain in custody, state media report

Russian state media have reported that an American soldier arrested in Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok on charges of stealing has lost an appeal against his detention and will remain in custody

Read More 24 May 2024 | 7:02 pm

Israel’s army says the bodies of three more hostages killed on Oct 7. were recovered overnight from Gaza

Israel’s army says the bodies of three more hostages killed on Oct 7. were recovered overnight from Gaza

Read More 24 May 2024 | 2:53 pm

UN approves resolution to commemorate the 1995 Srebrenica genocide annually over Serb opposition

The United Nations has approved a resolution establishing an annual day to commemorate the 1995 genocide of more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims by Bosnian Serbs

Read More 24 May 2024 | 2:30 pm

Trump swaps bluster for silence, and possibly sleep, in his hush money trial

Donald Trump isn’t known for letting slights pass

Read More 24 May 2024 | 10:30 am

Pro-Palestinian protesters leave after Drexel University decides to have police clear encampment

Protesters packed up and left a pro-Palestinian encampment at Philadelphia’s Drexel University after the school announced a decision to have police clear the encampment

Read More 24 May 2024 | 7:34 am

Biden, Kenyan leader urging help to lessen crushing debt on developing nations

President Joe Biden has offered his deep appreciation to Kenyan President William Ruto for the coming deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police forces to help quell gang violence in Haiti

Read More 24 May 2024 | 6:22 am

Holocaust museum will host free field trips for eighth graders in New York City public schools

A Holocaust museum in New York City will offer free educational field trips to eighth grade public school students in a program aimed at combating antisemitism

Read More 24 May 2024 | 6:13 am

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The title above a story in a newspaper, magazine ornewsletter is called a headline, or "hed" ("head") in print journalism, or a "heading" in online pages. It has the same function in mass media writing as a lead, to call attention to the story, to snare people in.

How do you write a news headline?

Headlines should be clear and specific, telling the reader what the story is about, and be interesting enough to draw them into reading the article.

  1. 5-10 words at the most.
  2. should be accurate and specific. ...
  3. Use present tense and active verbs, but don't start with a verb. ...
  4. Use infinitive form of verb for future actions.
  5. What are five types of headlines?

    Here is a list of 19 types of headlines you can use to capture the attention of readers:

  6. Direct headline. A direct headline clearly states the purpose of an article. ...
  7. Indirect headline. ...
  8. 3. News headlines. ...
  9. How-to headline. ...
  10. Question headline. ...
  11. Command headline. ...
  12. The "reason why" headline. ...
  13. Emotional headline.