Scientific benefits of Ramadan

The holy month of ramadan is one of the best special time for muslim ummah.Each fasting person abstain from eating and drinking during sunlight hours for one month of (30 days).

scientific benefit of fasting

There are many health benefit with fasting and following will balanced healthy diet.Boosted mood and mental clearity.It also anables us to control our desires that can at time control us.scientific benefit of fasting is one of them .

  • Fasting can lower risk of diabetes.
  • It is good for brain health 
  • Fasting can reduce oxidatine stress.
  • It can increase of human growth hormon
  • Fasting can assist in lowering fat.

Heather habits just for taken us

we maintaince  good tips and avoid evil habits for our healts.If following something good ruies so we are well this time.

  • Avoid over eating.
  • Don't sleep long time daylight.
  • Avoid junkfoods high in fat.
  • Eat not more fiber 
  • Drinkplenty of water.
  • It anables controls our desires.

The health benefits include purifying the intestines, improving the health of the stomach, cleansing the body of impurities, decreasing the level of fat in the body and decreasing the heaviness of the stomach due to fat

During this month Allah's message said, "when ramadan begins the gatest paradise are opened" (Al Bukhari)


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