Some common government job interview questions and their answers

Here's a discussion on some common interview questions and what to say/not to say in response:

1. Introduce yourself:
The question you have to tackle in every interview or viva is introduce yourself. Introduce Yourself! This is one of the most common job interview questions and answers.

This question is usually asked at the beginning of the interview. If you turn the question around, say something about your CV. Don't think the question is simple and answer it haphazardly. The answer to the question “Tell me about yourself” gives an idea of ​​your confidence, enthusiasm and communication skills. In response to this, you can give a description of yourself, remember that first impressions last: that is, leave a deep impression on your mind. So the beginning must be perfect.

How to answer:
So how do you perfect the beginning? In addition to telling your name, education, previous workplace, you can tell about your hobbies, passions, various skills and extra curricular activities. Then a good impression will be created between the examiner and you. Don't panic at all, at the end of the day it's just a test and nothing more. Keep your spirits up and answer the next questions with a smile and confidence.

2. What is your greatest and strongest quality? (What are your greatest strengths?)
This is one of the most common government job interview questions and answers. The answer to this question can tell you how positive you are about yourself and how good you are at something.

How to answer:
Express your qualities thoughtfully while answering. Ex: I try to complete any task perfectly. Able to move forward step by step through planning. In this case it is good to say that companies usually look for candidates who can do 3 things well and they are increase revenue, save time, reduce cost.

Strength is relatively easy to say, you can say your reading. Also talk about courses from MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) sites like Coursera, Udemy, EDX, Codecademy. Also, if there are any topic related co-curricular activities, they should also be mentioned here.

3. What are your weaknesses in government interviews? (What are your weaknesses?)
The purpose of this question is to check whether you are aware of your weaknesses and how to overcome them.

How to answer:
In many ways, one can say, for example, “My academic background is computer science engineering, but my fields of passion are chess and history. Sometimes I have a little trouble balancing these two. But I'm trying to fix it." If you notice, this time the answer is weakness, but it is repairable and not so bad weakness that you will be fired for it.

You also said that you want to correct this weakness of yours, that is, you have the attitude to get out of your mistakes. So this answer is more likely to create a good impression on the mind of the examiners. (collected)

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