How to understand Freelancing can be deceptive in the name of teaching

At present some hybrid freelancers have come out. With which some organizations are starting fraud in the name of freelancing. In fact, no hybrid freelancer is born from the beginning.
Hybrids are born through some people and hybrids through some organizations. The job of these hybrid freelancers is to promote the courses of some organizations.

Now the question is why do they do this?

 If you promote the courses of a hybrid organization, you will get a chance to become a millionaire.

My mother dreams of becoming a millionaire at the age of six, one year, at home.

Hybrid companies have their own marketplace where you can dream of millions of rupees every month.

Known as Market Place (MLM). If the income is a referral, if it is basic, (meaning if a student can get admission by Mind Was Band Was) then pay.

If they have an income system, if they can add a person, the referral commission is 500 rupees. And there is an income Basic Commission You will be surprised to hear this, (A team + B team) = basic Commission 500.

In a word, binary system. Do you understand now?

You will never think that you will start cheating in the name of freelancing by calling me in the inbox and sweet talking to you in the way you have brainwashed me. These are the fraudulent cycles that will arrange income for you from the first month of admission.

Said there is something in this world without interest. Your brothers and sisters will tell you a lot and bring you in the inbox, they will talk to you in free seminars but once you think that what is the benefit of inviting them?

Its advantage is its advantage if you can get it added. You will get 500 rupees. Another thing is that he is a real freelancer? Does he know that he invited you? If he had known, he would not have been a hawker. He would have been busy at the International Marketplace.

That's why get married fast as a freelancer
In the end, the only thing they can do is not wear strong or life is over. Due to greed for money, thousands of mothers are killing their children's dreams by strangling them. No more cheating. Let's all come forward to save the society and the country from deception.

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