To become a software engineer

Today's article is mainly for readers who have started learning programming for five or six months or have just started their career as a web developer or app developer. There is no alternative to programming to become a world-class software engineer. However, apart from programming, the five topics I will talk about today will give your software engineering skills another dimension.

  জেনে নিন কোন প্রোগামিং ভাষা কোন কাজে লাগে

First come to the database design. No matter what kind of software we build, everyone works with data directly or indirectly. And the place to store this data, i.e. the database, the more optimized the design, the better the user experience and the quality of the overall software. Database learning can start with MySQL or SQLite3 databases.


A very crucial phase of software development life cycle is deployment. If the portfolio projects can be deployed one by one on the live server, then two things are learned, one, the experience of server deployment, and popular cloud services will also be learned (if the cloud service has access**).

system design

Be it web or mobile, software will exchange data over the internet. And to understand this internet it is very necessary to know the etlist basics of computer networking. Sound knowledge of networking will give you a big boost at the deployment stage.

If you want to become a good engineer, there is no alternative to learning Linux. This is my own opinion. I have seen in the last two and a half years, due to experience in Linux, it has become relatively easy to troubleshoot OS-related issues in application development.


Learn how to find your answers. Finding your own program errors is also a kind of skill. There are many platforms like reddit, discord, StackOverflow, where you can post coding errors, and expert devs will answer you. It is better not to post coding errors on Facebook or such social media groups. Because Facebook does not have a text editor to write coding problems beautifully.

** There is a scheme of Azure cloud services called Azure for students. Apart from credit card, a student can get access to Azure portal from here.

It will help you to prove domain ownership. 5) Don't use fake details to buy domain. If privacy is a concern, use the Privacy Protection Service.

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