Laravel developer Interview Questions for software company

I am profesonal web develper. My coding laguage is php and vuejs . This month i am faceing  some interview for my new job. i  live in bangladeash and  i am mid lavel deveoper. my job experience 3 years plus . 

now i will  show you what type question  i faceing the viva exam. The question was

1. How can create custom Helper?
2. Create a api url and show json response of user data?
3. What is Localization and create output for bn?
4. Create a new route file user.php and show user data for web?
5. What is the Errors Status Code and Details?
6. Write an output of user name from user table using pluck?
7. Write a query where always user approve status 1 from user table and district Dhaka user
details table besides like operator?
8. Do you know about sub query? If know write a sub query.
9. What is route model binding?
10. What is the benefit of eager loading, when do you use it?
11. What is the output of this query? Question::where('id', $id)->with(users)->first();
12. Write a query of where between?
13. Service container?
14. Service provider?
15. Facade?

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