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Crypto's insecurity complex

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Read More 10 June 2023 | 2:00 pm

Sam Altman is expanding his road show to shape AI regulation around the globe

Scroll through Sam Altman’s Twitter page, and you’ll see a feed filled with photos of the OpenAI CEO posing with world leaders.


Read More 10 June 2023 | 2:39 am

What kinds of government documents was Trump holding at Mar-a-Lago?

Former US president Donald Trump was indicted on 37 counts in a classified documents probe, including a charge under the Espionage Act.


Read More 10 June 2023 | 2:38 am

Apple and Amazon failed to win a dismissal of an iPhone price-fixing lawsuit against them

A federal judge in Seattle rejected the proposed dismissal of a lawsuit targeting Apple and Amazon for inflating the prices of iPhones and iPads on Thursday (June 9).


Read More 10 June 2023 | 2:32 am

What's next for student loans if SCOTUS knocks down Biden's debt forgiveness?

If the Supreme Court knocks down US President Joe Biden’s attempt to wipe out a chunk of the nation’s student loan debt, it’s unlikely that Biden will pursue other population-wide debt cancellations from the Education Department, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal based on anonymous sources.


Read More 10 June 2023 | 12:57 am

Netflix's password-sharing crackdowns prompts an increase in subscriptions

Netflix saw a sharp increase in its number of subscribers after its decision to crack down on password sharing in the US, according to data from streaming analytics firm Antenna. 


Read More 9 June 2023 | 11:58 pm

Binance took a drastic step in the aftermath of the SEC lawsuit

Binance is breaking up with the US dollar because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawsuit against the crypto exchange, which alleges that it offered customer unregistered securities, has strained its US banking relationships.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 10:47 pm

🌎 Isn't it ironic, Google?

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Read More 9 June 2023 | 4:14 pm

A third of India's most sought after engineering graduates leave the country

One-third of those graduating from the country’s prestigious engineering schools, particularly the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), migrate abroad.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 3:55 pm

Mark Zuckerberg is not worried about Apple’s competing VR headset

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a couple swipes at Apple’s Vision Pro during an all-hands meeting yesterday (June 8) where he also laid out the company’s AI strategy and assured staff that the metaverse is not over.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 3:52 pm

E-bike penetration jumps in India by nearly 40%

India’s electric two-wheeler market is steadily growing. From 4.05% in 2022, the adoption rate of these vehicles rose by a third this year to touch 5.63% in May, government data showed.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 3:50 pm

Indian numerals: Cars piled up, Byju's default, and Pakistan on the mat

Inventory levels at car dealerships have risen to 40-45 days despite passenger vehicle sales increasing by 4% in May, Business Standard reported. The corresponding figure in March was 37-39 days and in April 39-41. Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest passenger carmaker, said its inventories rose from 204,000 units as of…


Read More 9 June 2023 | 12:15 pm

The US fixation on anti-trans policies is spreading to Canada

Blaine Higgs, the premier of New Brunswick, Canada, is making it illegal for children under 16 in the province to change their names or preferred pronouns at school without parental consent.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 3:45 am

Teens could need their parents permission to have a social media account in Louisiana

The Louisiana state legislature unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday (June 8) banning minors from creating their own accounts on websites across the internet, without express parental consent. It now goes to the desk of Governor John Bel Edwards, where it is unclear whether it will be signed into law.


Read More 9 June 2023 | 3:25 am

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