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NT News and Breaking Territory News Headlines Online including Latest Darwin News from Northern Territory, Australia and the World.Hayden Summers walks out of the Territory Supreme Court. A jury has returned its verdict after a five-day trial of a Darwin bouncer charged with striking.

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Here’s what you can expect with tomorrow’s Parramatta weather

Tomorrow's forecast is mostly cloudy; ne/se winds.

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Russia’s war on Ukraine: Putin’s ‘wait West out’ strategy appears to be weakening ‘Western resolve’

Several Republican senators walked out of a classified briefing on Ukraine Tuesday as it descended into a row over the border crisis, after President Volodymyr Zelensky unexpectedly canceled a videolink appearance to appeal for continued US funding. Zelensky had been due to update the senators on the latest developments in the conflict with Russia and press for them to support a procedural vote expected Wednesday on an emergency aid package that includes more than $60 billion for Kyiv. The cash has been held up for weeks by a row in Congress, as the White House has warned that existing funds will run out by the end of the year and that Russia's President Vladimir Putin could win the war if lawmakers fail to act. Congress is more divided over backing for Ukraine than it has been at any time during the nearly two-year conflict, with the country fast exhausting the military aid provided by the United States so far. Senate Republicans are making their support for extra Ukraine funding contingent on President Joe Biden's Democrats accepting reforms of the asylum system and tightened border security -- measures the Democrats have already rejected. As US senators square off at Ukraine briefing, FRANCE 24's Tom Burges Watson is joined by Anna Borshchevskaya, Senior Fellow in The Washington Institute's Diane and Guilford Glazer Foundation Program on Great Power Competition and the Middle East, focusing on Russia's policy toward the Middle East.

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‘Great value’: Andrew Bolt slams Murray Watt for complaining about price of ham

Sky News host Andrew Bolt has slammed Muray Watt after the Agriculture Minister complained about the price of ham at major supermarkets. Mr Watt sent a message to the supermarkets to keep their “hands off our ham”. Mr Bolt proceeded to bring out a leg of ham which he said cost him $40. “What on Earth is this man complaining about? $8 a kilo for a ham is actually great value," he said. “$40 can buy a ham that can last for days but it can buy only half a tank of petrol and nearly half of that is money grabbed by the government in petrol excise."

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‘Purge of conservatives’: ABC removes its last two conservative presenters

“It just got rid of the last two presenters you could possibly consider in a certain light, conservative,” Mr Bolt said. “A couple of weeks ago, it was Tom Switzer who left, the head of the Centre of Independent Studies. “And now also out the door, Amanda Van Stone, the former Liberal minister who’s actually on the left of the Liberals. “Hardly conservative at all but she was about as far as the ABC was happy to go – but now she’s gone too.” Mr Bolt sat down with The Australian’s Media Writer Sophie Elsworth to discuss the purge.

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Detainee preyed on ‘lone, elderly women’, court docs reveal

An Afghanistan-born man, who walked out of immigration detention mid-November before being arrested for allegedly indecently assaulting a woman in a motel, has a lengthy history of violent sexual offending against “lone elderly” women, court documents reveal.

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Tax man whacks Aussie workers more than most

Australia relies on income taxes paid by workers more than almost any other advanced economy, according to a new report that will increase the pressure on the Albanese government to guarantee $20bn in tax cuts due next year.

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Australia needs to have ‘conversation’ on autism as NDIS ‘entry point’

GXO Strategies Director Cameron Milner says Australia has to begin a conversation around autism being an entry point to qualify for NDIS after it was revealed the scheme was financially growing at an annual rate of 14 per cent. “75 per cent of NDIS participants under 18 have an autism-related concern,” Mr Milner told Sky News Australia host Andrew Bolt. “Five to seven-year-old boys, 11 per cent of them are now qualifying for NDIS autism packages. “It is a serious issue and the community needs to have a conversation about who is responsible. “Is it the teacher in the classroom, or NDIS or the doctors and others who are in the middle, asking for $100,000 packages for boys who just might need to read and write a little easier.”

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Is sorry the hardest word? Ask Mark Dreyfus

Everyone has met one in their day-to-day lives, folks who might best be described as smart, but dumb people.

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‘Climate action hypocrites’: Chris Bowen to arrive at global warming ‘talkfest’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen will be arriving at the global warming “talkfest” in Dubai with the rest of the “climate action hypocrites”. Mr Bowen will be attending the climate summit with 48 Australian delegates. Australia has chosen not to join 22 nations in signing a pledge to triple nuclear power generation by 2050. Mr Kenny applauded the United Arab Emirates for its efforts in pushing nuclear energy usage. “Now the trouble for Bowen is that COP28 has already seen a huge collection of nations commit to tripling nuclear power, recognising it is absolutely imperative to boost nuclear if the world is to get to net zero,” he said. “But our climate and energy minister, blackout Bowen, he is a nuclear denier.”

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Australia’s proposed koala haven faces logging threat

Environmentalists in Australia warn of massive expansion of native forest logging at areas where a Great Koala National Park is planned about 300 miles north of Sydney, and fear the trees and habitats the endangered marsupials rely on could be gone by the time the protected area is implemented. Ryan Chang reports.

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NT News and Breaking Territory News Headlines Online including Latest Darwin News from Northern Territory, Australia and the World.Hayden Summers walks out of the Territory Supreme Court. A jury has returned its verdict after a five-day trial of a Darwin bouncer charged with striking