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  •   02-Mar-2022 10:43AM
  •   Sabbir
  •  1295

Investing time and money into a website is a simple decision for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) around the globe. An effectively-designed NGO website is great for collecting donations, engaging supporters, and increasing awareness for any cause. Especially since most NGOs have limited budgets, a strong online presence is a cost-effective and efficient way to spread your mission.

When getting started with your digital marketing strategy, you may ask yourself if and why your NGO needs a website. Let’s take a look at the answer to this question and cover some best practices for getting started.

Does my NGO need a website and why?

All organizations can benefit from having a website. The difference between a well-designed website and poor web design can make or break your online fundraising strategy.

A website increases the legitimacy of your organization and solidifies your professionalism when soliciting support. It helps convey the role your NGO plays so that potential members and partners better understand your cause, which is especially important when you’re seeking grants, tenders, or donations. At the very least, an NGO website can provide users with updated contact details and an address for your organization.

A well-designed NGO website is also great for improving communications and spreading your reach beyond local advocates. Whenever anyone asks about your mission, you’ll be able to simply direct them to your NGO website, helping you efficiently build new relationships. Just make sure to provide content targeted at both current and potential supporters, including reports, program updates, and any other important information.

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