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Authoritative, up-to-the-minute news and in-depth features on research advances and science policy, from award-winning science journalists. Authoritative, up-to-the-minute news and in-depth features on research advances and science policy, from award-winning science journalists.Founded in 2003, Science News Explores is a free, award-winning online publication dedicated to providing age-appropriate science news to learners, parents and

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On Titan Submersible Anniversary, World Rethinks Deep Sea Exploration

A year after the first deaths of divers who ventured into the ocean’s sunless depths, an industry wrestles with new challenges for piloted submersibles and robotic explorers.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 9:21 pm

How Our Brain Produces Language and Thought, According to Neuroscientists

A group of neuroscientists argue that our words are primarily for communicating, not for reasoning.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 9:02 pm

Researchers Say Social Media Warning Is Too Broad

Some scientists who study youth mental health say the evidence does not support the notion that social media is harmful per se.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 8:46 pm

Summer Solstice 2024: Why It’s the Longest Day of the Year

We have Earth’s off-kilter tilt to thank for the summer solstice, as well as the different seasons.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 3:04 pm

South Africa Runs Out of Insulin Pens as Global Supply Shifts to Weight-Loss Drugs

The shortage highlights a widening gulf in the standard of care for people with diabetes, most of whom live in low-income countries.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 3:02 pm

Surgeon General Calls for Warning Labels on Social Media Platforms

Dr. Vivek Murthy said he would urge Congress to require a warning that social media use can harm teenagers’ mental health.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 4:16 am

More Than 1,000 Birds Died One Night in Chicago. Will It Happen Again?

A mass of birds died in Chicago in October after striking one building, adding to the push for more protections in one of the most dangerous cities for avian migration.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 3:17 am

Doctors Test the Limits of What Obesity Drugs Can Fix

“Obesity first” doctors say they start with one medication, to treat obesity, and often find other chronic diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis, simply vanish.

Read More 19 June 2024 | 12:03 am

Medical Experts Alarmed by Out-of-Hospital Cesareans in Florida

A new state law will permit surgeons to perform cesarean deliveries in “advanced birth centers,” despite the risk of complications.

Read More 18 June 2024 | 11:12 pm

More Women in Africa Are Using Long-Acting Contraception, Changing Lives

Methods such as hormonal implants and injections are reaching remote areas, providing more discretion and autonomy.

Read More 18 June 2024 | 10:45 pm

Dozens of Groups Push FEMA to Recognize Extreme Heat as a ‘Major Disaster’

The labor and environmental groups are pushing the change so relief funds can be used in more situations.

Read More 18 June 2024 | 6:36 am

Pregnant, Addicted and Fighting the Pull of Drugs

Many pregnant women who struggle with drugs put off prenatal care, feeling ashamed and judged. But as fatal overdoses rise, some clinics see pregnancy as an ideal time to help them confront addiction.

Read More 18 June 2024 | 3:06 am

How A.I. Is Revolutionizing Drug Development

In high-tech labs, workers are generating data to train A.I. algorithms to design better medicine, faster. But the transformation is just getting underway.

Read More 17 June 2024 | 10:47 pm

A Bird-Flu Pandemic in People? Here’s What It Might Look Like.

There is no guarantee that a person-to-person virus would be benign, scientists say, and vaccines and treatments at hand may not be sufficient.

Read More 17 June 2024 | 9:23 pm

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 Nasa to repair leaky Artemis-1 moon rocket on launchpad

Nasa will repair the leaks on the Artemis-1 moon rocket on the launch pad and then return it to the Vehicle Assembly Building for nearly two weeks.

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