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The former president launched his new social-media network in an attempt to challenge the dominance of Twitter and Facebook. former president Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. former president Blogs, Comments and Archive News on News on former President Donald Trump and the Trump administration. Death Of Former President' - 196 News Result(s) ... Ivana Trump, former US President's first wife, died at the age of 73 at her home in Manhattan on Thursday. Mr  Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.,. Some of his lawyers have represented celebrities, including Waka

 Former President Donald Trump held his first rally since his home was searched by ... News anchor had 'beginnings of a stroke' live on air the search of former President Donald Trump' s Mar-a-Lago club for classified documents and other government records may have come as a

Stop Filming Yourself at the Gym Already

Phones are interrupting workouts and causing privacy concerns. Instructors and fellow gym goers are fed up.

Read More 13 April 2024 | 3:30 pm

The EV Battery of Your Dreams Is Coming

Quiet developments signal that over the next five years we will see technological leaps.

Read More 13 April 2024 | 7:00 am

Roku Says Hackers Gained Access to 576,000 Accounts in Data-Breach Incident

It is the streaming-hardware maker’s second data breach this year, prompting Roku to institute additional security measures.

Read More 12 April 2024 | 9:24 pm

Should You Subscribe to…Fertilizer? Only if You Want a Great-Looking Lawn

These companies send natural, often organic, fertilizers direct to your home. Go ahead and fire that expensive landscaper.

Read More 12 April 2024 | 3:35 am

New Tech That Asks 'Are You Sure About Sending a Nude Photo?'

Obscured photos and warnings will discourage teens from exchanging nude photos with potential strangers.

Read More 11 April 2024 | 9:36 pm

X Received Inquiry From U.S. Lawmakers on Brazil Actions, Musk Says

Social-media platform X has received an inquiry from U.S. lawmakers related to the company’s continuing legal standoff with Brazilian authorities, Elon Musk said.

Read More 11 April 2024 | 5:16 pm

Elon Musk and Jamie Dimon's AI Predictions and What They Mean for the Future of Humanity

A chorus of business executives have made bold statements about the technology’s potential.

Read More 11 April 2024 | 2:07 am

Artificial Intelligence's 'Insatiable' Energy Needs Not Sustainable, Arm CEO Says

Arm Chief Executive Rene Haas said a push for energy efficiency is needed in artificial-intelligence applications.

Read More 10 April 2024 | 1:13 am

The Black Market That Delivers Elon Musk's Starlink to U.S. Foes

The satellite-internet devices are helping Russian fighters in Ukraine and paramilitary forces in Sudan. SpaceX hasn’t shut them off.

Read More 9 April 2024 | 10:01 am

Chip-Making Giant TSMC Gets $6.6 Billion for Arizona Project

The U.S. government grant follows billions for Intel and GlobalFoundries under the Chips Act.

Read More 8 April 2024 | 3:58 pm

In the City, Personal Safety Starts With Your Smartphone

Turn on these settings in your phone and connected devices to add a layer of security.

Read More 7 April 2024 | 7:00 am

Investors in Talks to Help Elon Musk's xAI Raise $3 Billion, Adding to Industry Arms Race

The funding round could value the artificial-intelligence startup at $18 billion, though details haven’t been finalized.

Read More 6 April 2024 | 4:55 am

Tesla to Unveil Robotaxi in August, Elon Musk Says

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said a car model without a steering wheel or pedals would be unveiled on Aug. 8.

Read More 6 April 2024 | 3:51 am

Samsung Doubles Down on Texas as U.S. Chip Center

The South Korean firm said it will ramp up investment to $44 billion for its hub near Austin that makes advanced semiconductors.

Read More 5 April 2024 | 8:23 pm

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The former president launched his new social-media network in an attempt to challenge the dominance of Twitter and Facebook. Rajapaksa touched down in Colombo seven weeks after he fled the extraordinary protests triggered by an economic meltdown that many lay at