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The former president launched his new social-media network in an attempt to challenge the dominance of Twitter and Facebook. former president Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. former president Blogs, Comments and Archive News on News on former President Donald Trump and the Trump administration. Death Of Former President' - 196 News Result(s) ... Ivana Trump, former US President's first wife, died at the age of 73 at her home in Manhattan on Thursday. Mr  Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.,. Some of his lawyers have represented celebrities, including Waka

 Former President Donald Trump held his first rally since his home was searched by ... News anchor had 'beginnings of a stroke' live on air the search of former President Donald Trump' s Mar-a-Lago club for classified documents and other government records may have come as a

The Decline of the Nice-to-Have Economy

Consumers are reining in their spending on pandemic-era luxuries and conveniences, just as investors are doing the same—putting startups in a double bind.

Read More 28 January 2023 | 11:00 am

Intel Shares Drop After Disappointing Earnings

The chip maker reported a loss in the fourth quarter as shifting demand and a battle for market share darkens its outlook in the months ahead.

Read More 28 January 2023 | 4:14 am

Tesla Has Become One of the Hottest Stock-Option Trades on Wall Street

Traders have spent $700 billion on options tied to the electric-vehicle maker over the past 13 months.

Read More 28 January 2023 | 4:03 am

Salesforce Names Three Directors, Braces for Proxy Fight

The appointments follow activist investor Elliott Management’s investment in the business-software provider.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 9:52 pm

Guess Who's Using Your Netflix Account? You Might Be Surprised.

Maybe you forgot to log out at a rental, or your ex’s sister is still enjoying ‘The Crown.’ A new tool on the streaming service shows where and when your account has been used—and lets you boot off the moochers.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 9:45 pm

Google Tries to Catch Up to Rivals Like OpenAI as They Release Viral Apps

The tech giant’s invention led to recent breakthroughs in AI chatbots and image programs now being popularized by competitors.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 8:30 pm

Meta Embraces AI as Facebook, Instagram Help Drive a Rebound

After the roughest year in its history, Facebook’s parent company is starting to bounce back. Users are watching its short-form videos, ad-targeting is improving and the social-media company is well down the road to recovering from the impact of privacy changes imposed by Apple.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 8:27 pm

People Can't Stop 'Spotify Snooping' on Friends, Exes and Crushes

The practice is a sneaky way to check how people are feeling—without having to interact with them.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 6:00 pm

Israel's Tech Sector Opposes Judicial-Overhaul Plan

Tech firms have said the government’s proposed changes to the top court are spooking investors worried about economic stability, the independence of the courts and a right-wing legislative agenda.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 4:11 pm

Tesla Stock Rallies On Optimistic Outlook From Elon Musk

Shares in the EV maker rose more than 8% after the company struck an upbeat tone about demand and its ability to navigate a potential economic downturn. 

Read More 27 January 2023 | 5:49 am

BuzzFeed to Use ChatGPT Creator OpenAI to Help Create Some Content

CEO Jonah Peretti said the publisher would use the technology to make more comprehensive quizzes and interactive content.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 5:38 am

Stripe Sets One-Year Timetable to Decide on Going Public

The fintech startup hired Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan to advise it on a direct listing or a private-market transaction involving employees’ shares.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 5:25 am

Intel Slumps on Disappointing Earnings Amid PC Weakness

The once-booming chip industry has been hurt by flagging consumer appetite amid worries over possible recession.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 5:16 am

Elliott Prepares to Nominate Slate of Directors at Salesforce

The activist investor has made a multibillion-dollar investment in Salesforce and is having conversations with numerous technology executives as well as those with other industry backgrounds.

Read More 27 January 2023 | 4:36 am

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The former president launched his new social-media network in an attempt to challenge the dominance of Twitter and Facebook. Rajapaksa touched down in Colombo seven weeks after he fled the extraordinary protests triggered by an economic meltdown that many lay at