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avaScript is the programming language of the web and is used by more software developers today than any other programming language. For nearly 25 years this best seller has been the go-to guide for JavaScript programmers. The seventh edition is fully updated to cover the 2020 version of JavaScript, and new chapters cover classes, modules, iterators, generators, Promises, async/await, and metaprogramming. You’ll find illuminating and engaging example code throughout.
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Oh, wow, another edition of this classic book. Is it worth "upgrading" that old copy on your bookshelf? First, if you have any edition prior to the 6th edition the answer is a definitive, "Yes!" There is no question that so much has changed since 2006 which is when the 5th edition was published.

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Before buying this book I had a general idea of what I was looking for. I needed something for the Beginner to Intermediate level, and I needed it to be a complete guide to the language. This book is both of those things and more. Even Advanced programmers should find something useful in this guide.

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I'm a professional software engineer that uses several different languages on a regular basis including C++, C#, Python and Javascript. This book is without doubt the best one I have in my collection that focuses on Javascript.

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This is a fantastically written book about Javascript with no detail left out. The author is extremely clear with the explanations, examples and the "why" of you're learning. This updated edition was overdue; I'm so glad he has finally published this. Definitely recommended.

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am currently learning how to code with JavaScript and I bought this book to learn more. I think, overall, this book is really good but I would not say it's for beginners (like actual beginners that have never coded before and don't really know much about computer science). I use it as a reference mostly. I am learning concepts in other classes and going back to this book to get a refresher.

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JavaScript is the programming language of the web. The overwhelming majority of websites use JavaScript, and all modern web browsers—on desktops, tablets, and phones—include JavaScript interpreters, making JavaScript the most-deployed programming language in history. Over the last decade, Node.js has enabled JavaScript programming outside of web browsers, and the dramatic success of Node means that JavaScript is now also the most-used programming language among software developers. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are already using JavaScript professionally, this book will help you master the language.

If you are already familiar with other programming languages, it may help you to know that JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, interpreted programming language that is well-suited to object-oriented and functional programming styles. JavaScript’s variables are untyped. Its syntax is loosely based on Java, but the languages are otherwise unrelated.

JavaScript derives its first-class functions from Scheme and its prototype-based inheritance from the little-known language Self. But you do not need to know any of those languages, or be familiar with those terms, to use this book and learn JavaScript.

This book covers the JavaScript language and the JavaScript APIs implemented by web browsers and by Node. I wrote it for readers with some prior programming experience who want to learn JavaScript and also for programmers who already use JavaScript but want to take their understanding to a new level and really master the language. My goal with this book is to document the JavaScript language comprehensively and definitively and to provide an in-depth introduction to the most important client-side and server-side APIs available to JavaScript programs. As a result, this is a long and detailed book. My hope, however, is that it will reward careful study and that the time you spend reading it will be easily recouped in the form of higher programming productivity.

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David Flanagan is a computer programmer who spends most of his time writing about JavaScript and Java. His books with O'Reilly include Java in a Nutshell, Java Examples in a Nutshell, Java Foundation Classes in a Nutshell, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, and JavaScript Pocket Reference. David has a degree in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He lives with his wife and children in the U.S. Pacific Northwest bewteen the cities of Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, British Columbia.

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ O'Reilly Media; 7th edition (June 9, 2020)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 706 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1491952024
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1491952023
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