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BABY TEETHING TOY MADE FOR LITTLE HANDS: The Winkel features a mesmerizing maze of soft, continuous BPA-free teething tubes, and can be refrigerated for additional soothing comfort - a perfect baby chew toy for tiny hands. TIME-HONORED CLASSIC: With over 25 years engaging babies and soothing even the fussiest of teethers, the Winkel is a perfect shower gift for new moms. Safe and dependable, this classic toy for babies has received numerous accolades and has proven to be a true baby go-to and parent must-have. BABY TOY FOR NEWBORNS AND UP: Safety rated for newborns and up, the Winkel measures 5" x 4" x 3.5" and easily tucks into the diaper bag when baby is on the go.
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My wife bought these for our newborn. We knew they were a special product very early on as after just one week of use our 1 month old began seeing all colors and could audibly state them as they saw them. By week two of the cards, they were crawling faster than we could imagine. The amazement continued as daily use helped our little one walk by just 3 months old. Using these just 23 hours of the day helped our precious child learn to read at a 6th grade level by 5 months old and soon was writing in cursive because of the wonderful cards. It doesnt stop there! 9 months they were skipping out on meals for more time with the flash cards as they became dependent on the cards to get through life. At 11 months they set the world record for youngest child to drive and our friends and family were amazed that the cards helped them to win their first Olympic Gold by age 2. Spelling Bee championships, world records, a win on Americas Got Talent by age 3 all came shortly thereafter. Will update review as they continue to learn and grow from these truly amazing cards! Would def recommend to anyone with children!!!!!

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My six month old nephew loves these. I go through them at least once a day with him. He is mesmerized by them and will start making noises when I show him the cards. I definitely think these were good investments for working on his cognitive abilities

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Great quality cards. Cover the first year of baby development. Initially thought that it is pricy but when received the cards I realised that they worth the money. Good quality paper, great topics, great size! My baby loves staring at them and making noises excitingly. Well recommended!

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You get 4 sets of cards. 2 sets in black and white. 2 sets in color. My son is almost 3 months old. I tried it with him and he loved it. He kept looking at every card. Good buy. Items came nicely packaged and next day as well.

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Time-honored and recipient of numerous accolades from child development experts, the Winkel Rattle and Teether by Manhattan Toy, is an esteemed classic, a true “must have” for parents and infants. Its maze of soft, continuous tubes and its stunning colors instantly capture and hold baby’s attention.


The mesmerizing loop design and lightweight construction make it very easy for little hands to grab, hold and rattle – a perfect clutching toy to engage baby’s gross motor skills. The tapered center cube features a quiet rattle so baby can explore cause and effect from sound creation when shaking the baby toy. The soft, pliable loops are BPA-free and meet phthalate restrictions of mouthed toys for teething or gumming babies.


Winkel can also be refrigerated to provide a more soothing experience for particularly sore baby gums and teeth. Winkel’s patented design and developmental features have made it a baby favorite, parent “go to” for over 25 years. Since 1978, Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, educational toys for your baby, toddler or kid. From infant toys and baby toys to sensory development toys, our goal is to provide the safest and best toys available.

Mesmerizing Maze

This time-honored classic is a true parent 'must have' and a baby 'go to'. Its maze of soft, continuous tubes and its stunning colors instantly capture and hold baby’s attention. The mesmerizing loop design and lightweight construction make it very easy for little hands to grab, hold and rattle. The soft, pliable teething loops are perfect for teething or gumming babies

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