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I read The Book as like a profressonal developer in think this book all most more usefull for Beginner to Expert. hello I am Zohi a full stack laravel develper in upwork.Recenlty i read the books and its my review. its Low Price and Nice cover. if you ar laravel developer or cse Student Pleae read today. Itst make your programing knolage much more . Matt's raly oswom Writer .....
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Matt's writing style is approachable for those new to Laravel who need an introduction to the popular PHP framework. It's also great for programmers that have used Laravel for years and want a reference guide or to go more in depth on a specific topic. I read the first version a couple of years ago when I was new to using Laravel and this updated and expanded version is still helpful for me now. Chapter 14 on Testing is worth the price of the book by itself. I personally don't use Queues and Events very often in my applications and found chapter 16 a great explanation for me to understand how to best implement them into my projects. One of the great things about Laravel is that it has solid documentation online, but I found this book even more helpful to better grasp certain concepts due to the longer format and examples Matt uses. The blocks of code also show up well in Kindle.

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I have a PhD in computer science and I'm a software developer with more than 15 of experience. PHP is my preferred programming language, and Laravel is the top PHP framework. I developed many projects with the use of the Laravel framework. But I never learnt Laravel with the use of a book. I used tutorials and the official website. I wish I had known this book before. That way, I would have become a better Laravel programmer in less time

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Problem is with almost all current web hosst, they use underlying Javascript usually Yui which is Yahoo and outdated to protect their servers from being overrun by the thousands of bots that will crawl your site and manipulate your code. Last updated PHP in 2014 and is unsupported, so it ends up being enclosed in Yui, decompiled in the wrong format because no one is updating it and your latest version PHP is forced back in time 6 years to what they can interpret to be unless you have your own server or pay for that kind of space.

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Thanks Matt for this great book. He writes about stuff you ought to know, and not the things that are available on one search online. Recommended.

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Matt Stauffer, a leading teacher and developer in the Laravel community, delivers a high-level overview and concrete examples to help experienced PHP web developers get started with this framework right away. This updated edition also covers Laravel Dusk and Horizon and provides information about community resources and other noncore Laravel packages.

Dive into features, including:

  • Blade, Laravel’s powerful custom templating tool
  • Tools for gathering, validating, normalizing, and filtering user-provideddata
  • The Eloquent ORM for working with application databases
  • The role of the Illuminate request object in the application lifecycle
  • PHPUnit, Mockery, and Dusk for testing your PHP code
  • Tools for writing JSON and RESTful APIs
  • Interfaces for filesystem access, sessions, cookies, caches, and search
  • Tools for implementing queues, jobs, events, and WebSocket event publishing

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